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A Little About Zbynet Magazine

Our portal came into being with our project Zbynet Search. Were we created a portal for searches and research connecting the best companies here in the USA as well as the best companies working in Brazil.

We offer space for companies to advertize their services by using banners, videos, links, and many of the latest techniques.

Our magazine relies on our users, columnists, and journalists that participate in this project publishing their articles, opinions, critical analysis, etc. 

We strive to be a portal in continuing development with important and interesting information about places, travel, tourism, health, services, the economy and much more.

We have the objective of interlinking across the arts, culture, and the people of Brazil, promoting the discovery of a Brazil that people don’t know about even through the internet.

We welcome you to our portal and invite you to comment and to participate. We will grow together spreading a positive message and always seeking a better way of life for all.

Warmest regards,

The Editor.