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Date : 09-21-2023
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Travel & Events
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Travel Documentary BBC Hawaii Atlas Discovery Travel Tourism Documentaries Full Length
Add : 03/06/2024
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Views : 114
I spent 5 weeks traveling solo around Indonesia visiting amazing scenery and different groups of people that I found fascinating. These were the Mentawai Tribe of the Mentawai Islands, The sulphur Minors of Kawa Ijen and the Horse riders of Mount Bromo. Indonesia has to be one of the most stunning countries ive been able to travel to. Instagram:
Add : 02/22/2024
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With massive urban sprawl and a reputation for being the cold Lombard capital, Milan doesnt feel like a quintessentially Italian metropolis, but with settlers from all over the country making their home here, visitors will find all of Italy in one city. Timelapse & Edit by Kirill Neiezhmakov e-mail:
Add : 02/22/2024
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Views : 168
I spent a month in Seoul and saw a city racing to the future. Heres the film I made with the help of the great people I met along the way. Directors commentary: Original Music by Steven Richard Davis Additional Music by Artlist
Add : 02/22/2024
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Views : 232
Marie Claire is committed to celebrating the richness and scope of womens lives. Were known for our award-winning features, thoughtful essays and op-eds, deep commitment to sustainable fashion, and buzzy interviews and reviews. Reaching millions of women every month, Marie Claire is an internationally recognized destination for celebrity news, fashion trends, beauty recommendations, and renowned investigative packages.
Add : 01/22/2024
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Views : 308
While the U.S. has 63 national parks, not all of them are equally visited-with famous parks like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon receiving far more visitors than these lesser-known, lesser-visited, and wholly underrated national parks. These six are some of the least-visited, most underrated, and worth a visit. Read the full article:
Add : 01/12/2024
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Views : 271
Another entry in #LifeChangingPlaces for Lufthansa. This time, we follow a flight attendant, Maria Nolte, who went on a trip to Ethiopia and didnt only discover her love for the the landscape and culture but also decided to get involved in a local project helping women and children in need. Our team stayed all around Ethiopia for 12 days, traveling from lush mountain regions to the one of the hottest deserts on Earth. Check my Instagram feed for some additional BTS content. Shot on Arri Alexa, Sony a7s II, DJI Mavic Pro 2 DOP: Ian Rigby Editing / Sound Design: Max Neumeier Assistant Camera: Tim Höddinghaus & Lukas Willasch, Max Neumeier Producer: Ralf Erthle Grading: Mike Bothe Music: 2WEI Production: 27 Kilometer Entertainment Agency: Kolle Rebbe Client: Lufthansa Many thanks to the MCRC in Addis Ababa, Manuel Ferrigato, Guy, Simon & the whole local team
Add : 10/11/2023
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Views : 413
The history of tourism is a long one! Whilst nobody can pinpoint the exact date that tourism began, there is a history of tourism dating back to the ancient ...
Add : 10/07/2023
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Views : 370
The box is telling me, Tell the story behind your video Well, I think if I told the full story wed all be sitting here until our butts went numb, so Ill sum up the important parts. Basically this project is my best attempt at a thank you gift (it probably wouldve been easier to send some flowers now that I think about it) to Mexico and all of the people Ive met in the past couple of years from this amazing country. While Ive been learning Spanish these last couple of years Ive made as many trips to Mexico as possible to practice speaking. At least thats why I started visiting at first. Later I realized that that reason I kept going back wasnt mainly to practice my Spanish, but rather to be in company of the amazing people there. Did I fall in love with the country? Definitely,...
Add : 09/21/2023
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Views : 446
Rio de Janeiro, or simply Rio is the second-most populous city in Brazil with a population more than 6 million. Rio was once the capital of the Portuguese monarchy from 1808 to 1822, which is rare in history that the capital of a colonising country officially shifted to a city in one of its colonies. Rio de Janeiro subsequently served as the capital of Brazil until 1960 when the capital was moved to Brasilia. Rio de Janeiro literally means January river in English. It is so named it was thought to be a river mouth instead of a cove when Portuguese explorers found here in January 1502. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in the Southern Hemisphere and is selected as one of the top 3 harbour cities in the world. It has been developed a unique Rio cultural style from a combination of carnival, samba, bossa nova, balneario beaches, Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and numerous slums
Add : 09/21/2023
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