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From : ZbyTv
Date : 11-06-2017
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From Dave: Normally I wouldnt show you something so unrefined, I hope you understand. This is not a Special but rather an impromptu purging of feelings and thoughts delivered by Dave during his show in Ohio on June 6, 2020. Dave is not interested in monetizing any content related to George Floyd's death. Instead, he encourages you to join him in support of the Equal Justice Initiative and the protection of human rights. For more information on the EJI or to make a donation please go to Directed by: Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar
Add : 05/07/2024
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NASA Sparks Commercial Delivery Service to the Moon
Add : 04/10/2024
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Zbynet the next generation Business Platform. Create your account and start communicating here. Certified and private messages. Get listed on Zbynet and get ...
Add : 03/16/2024
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Zbynet is the next generation Business Social Media Platform. Join us now!
Add : 03/16/2024
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Think of a typical billionaire and it's likely to be someone who falls into one of two camps: founders or cofounders-like Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon chairman Jeff Bezos-or heirs, like Jacqueline Mars, granddaughter of the founder of candy company Mars, maker of M&Ms and Snickers bars; and Thomas Pritzker, whose predecessors founded the Hyatt Hotels chain he runs as CEO. Roughly 69% of the nearly 760 U.S. billionaires listed by Forbes fall into the first category, while just more than 27% inherited a great fortune. Altogether nearly 97% of American billionaires land in these two groups. A third category is the rarest: those who are neither founders nor heirs. Call them hired-hand billionaires-or corporate-ladder billionaires. Forbes has found just 26 people who were hired as executives-sometimes as junior employees, sometimes as CEOs-who became billionaires. These ultra-wealthy executives work or worked at just 20 companies, nearly all of which are technology or private equity firms. Among the more notable are Apple CEO Tim Cook, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and Jonathan Gray, who was hired at Blackstone in 1992 fresh out of college and was named the firm's president and Chief Operating Officer in 2018. Read the full story on Forbes:
Add : 02/17/2024
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Liz Agbor-Tabi is Vice President, Global Policy at Global Citizen. Liz is passionate about social impact, global health, international development, and philanthropy. Shes had a unique blend of experiences, from working with vulnerable populations in NYC to developing and implementing cross- sectoral programs globally. Liz has over 18 years of healthcare, public health/policy, international development, and urban resilience experience across the United States, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Liz Agbor-Tabi joins Forbes Talks to discuss the newest and largest Pan African Festival sponsored by Global Citizen; Move Africa.
Add : 01/22/2024
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These are the biggest risks the market is facing in 2024
Add : 01/05/2024
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Mariah the Scientist is back at Genius to discuss her new hit "From a Woman," which has been streamed over two million times on Spotify to date. The track is from her most recent project To Be Eaten Alive. On today's Verified, Mariah talks about why it was important for her and Young Thug to release their own separate but joint records. "I just felt like it was really nice to do from an artistic standpoint and I would like to do that again with him."
Add : 11/30/2023
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Here are the 5 largest companies in Europe based on revenue.
Add : 11/09/2023
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Do you want to start a New small business? then, check these top 20 best small business ideas to start an innovative and new small business in this year. Als...
Add : 10/07/2023
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